Best Portable Gas Grills – A Guide

Portable Gas Grills offer ease and convenience to outdoor grilling. This article describes a few options you will want to consider when buying Portable Gas Grills. Depending upon your budget and intended use several options are available and should be considered.

SIZE – is the most important consideration. You will need to balance storage concerns vs. portability vs. cooking surface area during your decision making process. Where are you planning on storing your portable grill? Will you transport the grill in your trunk, in your truck, or will it be used only on the patio? Plus, as all outdoor chefs should know, you will need to preheat your grill to ensure a better sear and even cooking across the grill surface. A major benefit of a portable grill is the reduced time to preheat the grill. Plus, Gas is substantially quicker than charcoal.Kindly visit to find more information.

COOKING SURFACE – You will want to compare the surface sizes available for your budget to the space needed for your cooking requirements. An individual needs substantially less grill surface area than a two or three person group. Try to visualize what you will be cooking and the space required. As a general guide for the cooking surface area one person will need approximately 175-225 square inches, two people require 200 – 275, and four people 300 – 450 square inches. The cooking surfaces are usually removable grates made of stainless steel, cast iron, coated steel or heavy gauge wire. Personal preference will dictate which you select.

WEIGHT – Weight is a major consideration in portability. A thirty pound gas grill is not a portable grill. Make sure you compare the weights of the grills you are considering.

LEGS – Portable gas grills come with or without legs and can be permanent or collapsible.

IGNITION – Most popular portable gas models come with a push button ignition system. However, some of the cheaper models do not have this option. These use a manual ignition system, you strike a match. Makes sure what you are considering has a push button ignition system.

TEMPERATURE HEAT CONTROLS – Moving Charcoal embers to evenly disburse the heat, as well as opening and closing holes, can quickly becomes tedious. Gas burners on the other hand usually come with control values to change the temperature settings from low to high.

CLEAN-UP – Clean-up is much reduced with a gas grill than with a charcoal grill. The higher end models have a drip tray or other means of collecting drippings of oil and fat. TIP: Ensure the holes on the burners are cleaned and not plugged before storing.

Do you enjoy the taste of grilled foods when you are tailgating, camping or at a picnic? It’s easy with portable gas grills. They’re light, easy to store and no charcoal mess.