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Teeth are basic and most essential part of the body. It helps in chewing, breaking, biting, tearing of food and it also makes your smile more beautiful. To keep your teeth clean and healthy, proper aid is needed. Brushing, flossing and regular visit to dentist will help you to keep away from many dental diseases, like as; dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral conditions. The severe dental diseases may result in oral cancer. The dental diseases may affect your chewing ability or it may also disrupt you while speaking.

Proper dental care of your children
A good dental care starts from your home. Parents are suggested to visit dental care centers with children for regular checkup and treatment. It is good to have your child’s first dental checkup immediately after completion of six months from the time first tooth has appeared. The dentist will suggest you with proper guidelines how to aid and clean teeth of your dear ones. A carefree approach towards a dental checkup can do a lot to relieve your child from any stress that may appear in future.

Some Common Dental Diseases
The presence of fluoride is essential to maintain health of your teeth, its decrement can cause tooth decay while increment results in white spots over the teeth and this process is called fluorosis. The fluoride treatment has many benefits such as it strengthens the teeth from the outer as well as the inner areas. It enhances chewing process by controlling decay on the surface. The dental caries is a chronic disease. It is an infection that cause destruction to the tissues such as enamel, dentin and cementum. It is mostly observed in children below 11 years and also in adolescents. The improper care of teeth may result problems in gum, teeth and tongue. The improper care cause numerous dental diseases ranging from slight toothache, cavity and ulcer and also the most importantly an oral cancer. Tooth decay is experienced when proper oral hygiene habits are not practiced. Dental diseases can be controlled with regular brushing, flossing and checkups. Eating nutritious food is helpful in retaining healthy teeth. You may find more information at Tannlege Bergen

Dentist’s recommendations
Dentists all over the world recommends brushing and flossing of teeth on a regular basis. The toothpaste and toothbrush should also be used as your dentist recommends. The toothbrush must have easy grip and flexible enough so that it can easily clean the all the teeth. Use of tongue cleaner is also necessary to maintain oral hygiene. Flossing helps in reducing bad smell and makes your teeth more healthy and shiny.